Unsnatchable Trio


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Unsnatchable Trio Pack

Beauty by Sarai's Unsnatchable Wig Adhesive is not your regular wig adhesive, it's that hold it in place and won't let you down adhesive.  No more losing your edges in the process.  Our adhesive is gentle and safe on skin, dries clear with a waterproof affect.  BBS adhesive has a hold time of 4-8 weeks depending on how much an individual sweats. 

1.2 oz Squeezable bottle

Beauty by Sarai's Unsnatchable Wig Adhesive Remover has a light citrus lemony scent (no more chemical smell) yuck.  Since it is an oil based remover it has a fast acting breakdown speed.  So, your in and out just in time for that hot date.

4 oz Spray bottle

Beauty by Sarai's Unsnatchable Bond Release Shampoo is an adhesive bond release shampoo.  That removes any and all residue left behind from wig glue and adhesive.  Apply a small amount to the hair and scalp. Rub in as you would any normal shampoo, focusing on the adhesive (glue) areas. Our product will break down the adhesive bond and clean up any residue left on the hair and scalp. Rinse and repeat if needed.

12oz pump bottle