High Definition Closure Wigs


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SHC's High Definition (HD) 5X5 Ready to Wear Lace Closure Wigs are impeccable. This lace is very thin which can make it appear invisible to the normal eye when applied to the scalp correctly.  It gives the wig-wearer a hairline that is highly undetectable and realistic.

This is a 5x5 Lace Closure Wig

HD Lace (Basically see through)

This Closure wig can be worn with glue or glueless.  Cut the lace and Go!

Medium 22" - 22 1/2" Wig Cap

Since the lace is fairly thin, I would not suggest this lace for a first time lace wearer as this lace can be easily torn.  It is not as thick as other lace such as light or medium brown lace.  The longevity of the lace will be based on the wearer.

This wig comes with knots lightly bleached, pre-plucked, and an adjustable strap.